Understanding your business idea is the fundamental step towards making it a reality.

Business Building


We combine research, creativity and strategy to help new, up and upcoming entrepreneurs build a strong foundation to their business.

We guide you to identify your business idea and make it a reality, write a business plan you’ll actually use and set your business up to launch and grow.

That’s not all, we also calculate your startup costs and build you a concrete financial plan to sustain your business operations and set yourself up for profitable growth.


We can help you maximize your chances of finding capital and acquiring it.

Creating a solid brand and building a
strong reputation is the key to ultimate success.

Brand &
Image Building


Small businesses and startups face branding challenges that larger, more established businesses don’t have to always deal with.


We make your brand memorable by creating a clear and creative vision for your brand through positioning, messaging and designing a visual identity that is true to your brand’s voice.


Having a strong brand image is an important aspect in keeping your business running. Image building is the process of creating and influencing your reputation in people’s minds and in the media. A strong brand is built over time and we are here to take you through it step-by-step.

 Making the conscious effort to go green has

benefits that go beyond saving the environment.   

Sustainability Solutions


Businesses are increasingly positioning themselves as environmentally friendly and shifting toward circular business models that are sustainable.


We partner with a leading expert in environmental sustainability to help you improve your infrastructure, create a sustainably aware workplace through education, and collect and track your waste operations. 


Our team’s goal is to optimize your business’s capacity to make profit, without compromising the environment.



IMPAKT Workshops


Demand on leadership development has grown more rapidly than ever before. Adaptability, strategy and innovative thinking are becoming the main pillars of effective leadership in order to keep up and stay on top of the ongoing changes that are taking place during these unpredictable times.

Impakt’s workshops address this problem and gives founders, CEOs, managers, directors and all employees in leadership positions the tools to create a healthy work environment that in turn increases employee loyalty and productivity.

Our Workshops include:

  • On-boarding

  • Leadership & team building

  • Communication

  • Compliance


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