Understanding your business idea is the fundamental step towards making it a reality.

Venture Building


Impakt helps you transform your idea into a successful and thriving business. We begin by conceptualizing your company’s potential journey, building a firm business model and establishing strong customer selling points.  


Our experts will conduct a thorough market research to create a high value proposition for your company and distinguish it from the rest in the market.


That’s not all, we also guide you in finding investors and making great pitch presentations. Nevertheless, any business requires a good financial plan to sustain its operations and secure its profit.


Our team’s goal is to optimize the business’s capital structure. We make sure to provide a strong financial analysis and strategy.


Defining the correct steps to determine the direction of your organization.

Strategic Planning


We understand that the success of any organization requires an empowering organizational design. Impakt provides you with the tools to create a sustainable structure that fosters growth, improves performance and certainly reduces costs.


We focus on developing a personalized approach that is centralized on your mission and values. Our team brings forth innovative models that are adapted to the rapidly changing global trends.


At Impakt, we believe that employees are an integral factor of the success of any organization.


We support your organization with workshops and training that can help build new capabilities and strengthen cognitive skills to tackle evolving challenges. Inclusivity and building a cross-cultural work environment is an essential part of our approach.


 Creating a solid brand and an effective marking strategy, is the key to ultimate success.   

Marketing & Design


We work with you to establish your unique selling point, sales objectives and target market & audience. This allows us to create a strong marketing campaign for your company. 


Our team will design a winning marketing campaign that brings you ultimate results. 


  • Email Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Web Design and Development

  • Graphic design


Big Thinking and Great Minds

Innovation & Sustainability Hub


Our innovation hub is a platform that provides creatives and innovators a space of networking and business development. This space creates research opportunities on the most challenging issues to bring about transformational solutions that can generate a successful and sustainable business creating socioeconomic impacts. 


Sustainability – an opportunity for change and transformation. 


Sustainability has become an integrated part of business modules. Alongside expert guidance and support, we help our customers – and their partners – make a lasting sustainable transition.  


With Impakt, your organization can access a large network and benefit from a wide range of resources. We make possible opportunities of collaboration with other organizations and participation in initiatives or research studies. You will also learn best practices to inspire your organization to take the next step of your sustainability journey.


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