In my ten years of experience, I learned that the easier we are to let go of preconceptions and the more curious we are to learn, the faster we adapt and survive inevitable change.

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Farah Yachoui​

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer,
Impakt Solutions & Strategies

Committed to continuous growth and improvement. Building and leading a dynamic, inspiring and diverse work culture.

As founding partner and COO of Impakt, Farah brings a rich communications and operational experience. From team building to brand management, Farah has a multifaceted background that enables her to lead and advance business performance.


Equipped with a natural problem solving approach and a passion for solving complex issues, Farah got involved with addressing social issues, supporting vulnerable communities and empowering women. She is now positioned and determined to build a better work culture, communication and branding to grow our company and yours.

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