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We build game changing businesses and we are all about people!


We guide aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to start, build and grow their businesses in industries that bring people together and help communities grow.


We help you identify business ideas, build strong teams, establish a sustainable organizational foundation, find capital and manage your business with ease.

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Our Story

A global pandemic brought new challenges that only awakened our desire to transform our reality.


Impakt is a Montreal based company owned by two young women, who want to help other young, fresh and upcoming entrepreneurs start their own dream business, grow and become leaders in their industries.

We’ve been there and we know exactly what you need to build a strong foundation for your own business and to get it going in a sustainable way.


Understand why we do it


Surround yourself
with the right people

At Impakt we value positive work environments that encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creativity. Every vision starts with an idea!

We understand the challenges that come with starting up or adapting to change and that includes surrounding yourself with people who get your vision.

Set yourself up for profitable growth, stand out and make your brand memorable. We love it when our clients bring their dream business to life and strive!

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Identify your business idea and make it a reality.
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Business Building

Brand &
Image Building


A strong brand is built over time. We are here to take you through it step-by-step. Learn more



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Going green has benefits beyond saving the environment.
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Acquire the edge you need to enhance both your team's performance and yours.
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As co-founders of Impakt Solutions & Strategies, who are passionate about innovation, transformation and creativity, we want to set a positive example to everyone who aspires to create a business, follow their passion and become financially independent - even during turmoil. 

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Aouatif Zebiri

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Impakt Solutions & Strategies


Passionate about taking your project, campaign and your organization to the next level through introducing innovative ideas, creating powerful strategies and establishing strong inter industrial relationships. 

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Farah Yachoui​

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer,
Impakt Solutions & Strategies

Committed to continuous growth and improvement. Building and leading a dynamic, inspiring and diverse work culture.

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