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Impakt empowers organizations to create sustainable socio-economic development both locally and globally. 


We offer our clients expert solutions and strategies that are personalized, innovative and transformational. 

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Our Story

A global pandemic brought new challenges that only awakened our desire to transform our reality.


Rapidly changing markets, increasing social inequity, a global economic recession and a collective feeling of uncertainty brought us, two young women, together to inspire and empower one another. We shared a common vision: being the impact we wanted to see.

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Impakt works in the development of new and existing organizations through venture development, strategic planning for organizational design & professional development and marketing & design.


Our clients can also benefit from our innovation and sustainability hubs which are platforms where like minded individuals and organizations network, acquire new knowledge and generate impactful ideas.


The impact you make today has a powerful ripple effect on your tomorrow.

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Venture Building

Strategic Planning


Determine the direction of your organization.

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Legal Support

Marketing & Design

Create a solid brand and an effective marketing strategy for ultimate success.

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Innovation & Sustainability Hub

Access a network of like-minded innovators, entrepreneurs and development leaders.

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As co-founders of Impakt Solutions & Strategies, who are passionate about innovation, transformation and creativity, we want to set a positive example to everyone who aspires to create a business, follow their passion and become financially independent - even during turmoil. 

Aouatif Zebiri

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Impakt Solutions & Strategies


Passionate about taking your project, campaign and your organization to the next level through introducing innovative ideas, creating powerful strategies and establishing strong inter industrial relationships. 

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Farah Yachoui​

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer,
Impakt Solutions & Strategies

Committed to continuous growth and improvement. Building and leading a dynamic, inspiring and diverse work culture.

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